We just upgraded!

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We are excited to announce that we have finished the site and script transformation.

We have also restructured our business agenda and structure for a better customer satisfaction!

So, What did we do?

1) New Homepage for ProDatingScript

We came up with a new homepage for ProDatingScript.com after understanding what our customers would like to experience. 

We have used the following technologies:

  • Bootstrap 4.0


  • Venobox


  • Tidiochat


  • Google Fonts


  • Fontawesome 5.1.0


  • Jquery


  • Slider.js


If you have not checked the New Homepage, You can do it right now by clicking this link

2) New Support System

We Noticed that our previous Support System - OsTicket had multiple issues and had missed a very important point which is User Experience. Hence we decided to move to NgDesk

What is NgDesk?

NgDesk is the 100% free help desk software for unlimited users with ticket management, instant alerts, and AI integration. Complete. Completely Free

Check out NgDesk Now!

3) Introducing ProDatingScript Blog

Our company introduces ProDatingScript Blog where we will discuss about OkDate and Other Dating Script and Sites.

4) Redesign of ProDatingScript Forum

It is quite obvious that MyBB is an very old school forum software, But we are not!

OkDate belives in the Next Generation Technologies and hence we move to guess what? A next generation Forum - Carbon Forum

5) Company Restructure

We had hired multiple staffs to handle and manage ProDatingScript.

On our Semi-Annual Meeting We promoted few of our trustable and respectable staffs and ofcourse! Fired others.

We are product to announce that we now have an Dedicated Team working for each section - Presales, Billing , Support , Development and Testing!

Hope you all love this new experience given to you by ProDatingScript

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